IJCTT - Volume 18 - No 2 Dec 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. Data Transformation by Privacy Preserving with Unknown ID Obligation
- S Nehru , V. Ganesh Dutt , Abdul Vahed
12. Cloud Architecture for Profit Maximization Based on Efficient Multi-Server Configuration
- B. N. V Pravallika , G.Balaraju , Abdul Vahed
13. A Novel Approach for Presuming Users Intention with Feedback Sessions
- Y. Naga Lakshmi , P. Samba Siva Rao , Abdul Vahed
14. A Framework for Uplink Query Processing in Network-Assisted Mobile Computing
- P.Yugandhar , G.Devi , Abdul Vahed
15. A secure Protocol for Maintaining Privacy & Confidentiality in Untrusted Database
- Ande Navya , B. S. Murthy , Abdul Vahed
16. A Security Leakage Upper Bound Constraint to the Cloud through a Secure and Efficient Secondary Data
- T. Shushma Latha , M. Prasanthi , Abdul Vahed
17. Centralizing Sensor Network in the Lush to Improve the Quality
- V.Swathi Kumari , M. Prasasnthi , Abdul Vahed
18. Prohibiting Blocking Attacks in Wireless Networks through Aggregating Cryptanalytic Primitives 
- P Nagamani , G. Bala Raju , Abdul Vahed
19. Designing Of Distributed Firewalls in Co-operative Domains
- V. Hima Bindu , G. Devi , Abdul Vahed
20. A Novel Approach for Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement based Intrusion Detection for MANETs
- P. Kanthi Priyadarshini , Abdul Vahed