IJCTT - Volume 18 - No 1 Dec 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. A Framework for the Tantamount entity mining from Provisional Questions
- GadiReddy Raja Sekhar Reddy, K Anand Kumar ,Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
2. A Framework to Ensure Quality of Service with New Trail and Security in Networks
- Anil Kumar Reddy, Betam Suresh
3. A Novel Framework for Construing User Search Intension with Feedback sessions
- Shaheen, M. Satyanarayana Reddy, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
4. SQL Backing in Databases to Support Search on the Web
- B R Krishna Kokiligada, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
5. A Framework for Prophencing Elements in the Wagon
- RamakrishnaNandigum, Ch BalaVijayaDurga, Betam Suresh
6. A Secure Online Application Safeguarding Data with Stegnography based Watermarking
- Swathi Voddi, Santhi Chavala, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
7. Construing Search Results from the Web Databases
- Neeluri Shouribabu, M Satyanarana Reddy, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
8. Data Mining Analysis for the Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention
- Chandolu Sudheer, Betam Suresh
9. Quality of Service with Frequent Pattern Mining on Multi Crux Chunk
- Thamma Kishore Reddy, M Krishna Kanth, Betam Suresh
10. String Metamorphosis with a Probabilistic Way
- Nagiri Perindevi, Ch. B.V. Durga, Betam Suresh