IJCTT - Volume 15 - No 2 Sep 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. A Framework for Mining the Functional Events with Mortal Constraints in Materialistic Data
- Ch.Seethamma , A.Gnanesh , Janapati Venkata Krishna
12. A Framework to Ensure Quality of Service with New Trail and Security in Networks
- HarithaPidikiti , N. Subhash Chandra
13. A New Design for Deduce User Search Results with Feedback Sessions
- CH.Sivaram Prasad , T.Venu , N.Subhash Chandra
14. Mining High Dimensional Data Using Attribute Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm
- Vivek Ravindra Prasad Pandey , T.Venu , N.Subhash Chandra
15. Get Me on the Map If You Can: Secure Locale Scepticism Activity
- Ashwini Shinde , Venkatakoti Reddy.G , Janapati Venkata Krishna
16. Presumable Study of Single Sign-on Technique for Distributed Network Systems
- G. Hussaini , K.Krishna Reddy , Janapati Venkata Krishna
17. Secure Cloud Storage through Public Auditing and Cryptographic Primitives
- Ganesh mouli Bandari , N. Subhash Chandra , V.Krishna
18. Classification of Image Registration Techniques and Algorithms in Digital Image Processing – A Research Survey
- Sindhu Madhuri G
19. A New Approaches to Improve Server Secuirty by Using Media Access Control Address Verification
- Ako Muhammad Abdullah , Miran Hikmat Mohammed Baban , Roza Hikmat Hama Aziz
20. WIFI Electricity
- Andrews.J , Ms.Jenifer.M , Anderson William.W , Deva Prakash.A