IJCTT - Volume 15 - No 1 Sep 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. A Comprehensive Review of Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy from Digital Fundus Images
- Padmalal S , Dr. Nelson Kennedy Babu C
2. Performance Evaluation of Protocols for Secure Routing in Manets
- Dharani N.V
3. Heterogeneous Multi Core Processors for Improving the Efficiency of Market Basket Analysis Algorithm in Data Mining
- Aashiha Priyadarshni.L
4. Simulation of Jelly Fish Periodic Attack in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
- Manjot Kaur , Malti Sarangal , Anand Nayyar
5. Survey On Document Image Processing
- Kiranpreet , Ramandeep kaur
6. An Efficient Image Indexing Method Based on Spectral Hashing with Semantically Consistent Sparcified Graph Laplacian Approach
- M.Premesudha , P.Kavitha
7. A Novel Design and Implementation of Delegated Access Control for Privacy in Clouds Outsourcing
- B.Prasanthi , Mohammed Abdul Quavi
8. A Rumination of Error Diffusions in Color Extended Visual Cryptography
- P.Pardhasaradhi , P.Seetharamaiah
9. Replica Allocation in MANET’s by Handling Selfish Nodes
- Sravanthi Nanumasa , Ravi Mathey
10. A Framework for Immune and Distributed Contour Matching in Social Networks
- Jadhav Supriya Vishvanath , Narsimha Banothu , Janapati Venkata Krishna