IJCTT - Volume 14 - No 1 Aug 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Enhancing Robust Security Strategy for Web Social Networks
- D.Bharathi , N.Janaki , M.Giri
2. A Study of Blockage Control Design and Transmission Accuracy in Opportunistic Networks
- B. Bala Raju , N. Subhash Chandra
3. An Adequate Password Authentication Scheme for Information Interchange using Keys
- S Sandeep Babu , N.Subhash Chandra
4. Effective Personalized Endorsement based on Sparse Info
- Kandukuri Sravanthi , A.Srinivas
5. Secure and Privacy Preserving Image Storage System in Cloud Computing
- Bandikatla Phaneendra Babu , N.Subhash Chandra
6. Review of Role Based Access Control Method for Securing User Space in Cloud Computing
- Mrs.Sunitha B.S , Dr.Anir Ban Basu
7. Implementation of Path Finding Algorithms in a 3-Dimentional Environment
- Firas Abdullah Thweny Al-Saedi , Fadi Khalid Ibrahim
8. A Still Modified Approach to PSO Using Crossover
- Anjali thareja , Dr.Archna Kumar
9. Run Time Bubble Sort – An Enhancement of Bubble Sort
- Harish Rohil , Manisha
10. Real Time Event Detection for Reporting System Development Based on Tweet Statistical Analysis
- Kancharla V Chaitanya , P.Sivakumar , D.Rajesh