IJCTT - Volume 11 - No 2 May 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. A Survey of Coverage-Based Broadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
- V.V.V. Pradeep Sastry , Dr S.Arvind
12. Estimation of Fungus/Disease in Tomato Crop using K-Means Segmentation
- Shruti , Nidhi Seth
13. Efficient Sink Scheduling for Data Travelling in WSNs with Delay Constraint
- Sithara Mathews , T.R.Srinivasan
14. Effectiveness in Packet Data Transmission in the Reserved Channel Bandwidth Wireless Sensor Network
- Miss.Lavanya Y , Ms.SowmyaDevi V
15. A Meta-heuristic Approach for Image Segmentation using Firefly Algorithm
- Bhavana Vishwakarma , Amit Yerpude
16. Deadline – Cost Based Job Scheduling Using Greedy Approach in a Multi-Layer Environment
- S.Selvi , R. Maheswari , Dr.B.Kalaavathi
17. Classification of Basmati Rice Grain Variety using Image Processing and Principal Component Analysis
- Rubi Kambo , Amit Yerpude
18. Review on NLP based Technique to Improve the Performance of knn
- Tejaswini Channe , Gurudev Sawarkar
19. Feature Subset Selection Techniques - Swift Clustering and Principle Component Analysis
- Appurai N.Pai , Smt.T Jayakumari
20. Prognosis of Diabetes Using Data mining Approach-Fuzzy C Means Clustering and Support Vector Machine
- Ravi Sanakal , Smt. T Jayakumari