IJCTT - Volume 11 - No 1 May 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Effective Classification of Text
- A Saritha , N NaveenKumar
2. Evaluation of Common Encryption Algorithm and Scope of Advanced Algorithm for Simulated Wireless Network
- Dr. Atul M. Gonsai , Lakshadeep M. Raval
3. Secure and Reliable Watermarking in Relational Databases
- G.Shyamala , I.Jasmine Selvakumari Jeya , M.Revathi
4. An Implementation of Secure Data Exchange Ensuring Authentication and Authorization Using Color Drops
- S.Sandosh , S.Uthayashangar
5. Efficient Anonymous Routing Protocols in Manets: A Survey
- Jojy Saramma John , R.Rajesh
6. Improving Energy Efficiency and QoM Aware in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
- S. Deepa , M.Sangeetha
7. An Efficient Query Mining Framework Using Spatial Hidden Markov Models for Automatic Annotation of Images
- R.Ramya
8. Feature Extraction Based Wavelet Transform in Breast Cancer Diagnosis– A Survey
- Mohamed Azhardeen.S , Usha.S
9. Detection of Calcification Using Filter in Mammograms – A Survey
- C.Kaviya Prabha , S.Usha
10. Simulation of Boolean Circuits using Spiking Neural P Systems with Structural Plasticity
- Rosini .B , Dersanambika K.S