Voice Control for Flexible Medicine Robot

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT)          
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Volume-56 Number-1
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Rami Matarneh, Svitlana Maksymova, Oleksandr Zeleniy, Vyacheslav Lyashenko


Rami Matarneh, Svitlana Maksymova, Oleksandr Zeleniy, Vyacheslav Lyashenko "Voice Control for Flexible Medicine Robot". International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT) V55(1):1-5, February 2018. ISSN:2231-2803. www.ijcttjournal.org. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Abstract -
The use of robots in medicine is a promising direction of research. The possibility of controlling a medical robot with the help of a voice is considered. We use a logical model to form voice commands. A set of commands for carrying out intracranial operations is presented. The results obtained can be used to create a subsystem for entering the voice information of a medical robot.

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voice control, medicine robot, logic model, command phrase.