Generative AI and Machine Learning based Modern Data Architecture with AWS Cloud and Snowflake

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Volume-71 Issue-7
Year of Publication : 2023
Authors : Amlan Jyoti Patnaik
DOI :  10.14445/22312803/IJCTT-V71I7P107

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Amlan Jyoti Patnaik, "Generative AI and Machine Learning based Modern Data Architecture with AWS Cloud and Snowflake," International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, vol. 71, no. 7, pp. 48-51, 2023. Crossref,

Implementing a modern data architecture offers an effective and scalable approach to integrating data from diverse sources. By organizing data based on business domains, organizations can empower each domain to choose tools tailored to their specific needs. Harnessing the power of generative AI solutions within this architecture allows non-technical users to query data through conversational English, simplifying data access. This research article delves into the potential of combining modern data architecture with generative AI techniques, particularly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings. Specifically, it explores the latest offering, Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service providing foundation models for building and scaling generative AI applications. Coupled with scalable, domain-oriented data infrastructure, this approach proves to be an intelligent method for uncovering crucial insights from vast and varied data sources at an enterprise scale. Incorporating large language models (LLMs), including JumpStart from Amazon SageMaker, enriches the system's capabilities, providing a seamless user experience. My research showcases the successful integration of generative AI and modern data architecture, making data-driven decision-making more efficient and accessible to diverse stakeholders within the organization. Overall, combining generative AI solutions, such as Amazon Bedrock, and a well-structured modern data architecture opens new avenues for organizations to tap into vast data reservoirs, unlocking critical insights that drive business success. This article emphasizes the transformative potential of integrating generative AI with scalable data infrastructure, presenting a promising pathway to enterprise-scale analytics and informed decision-making.

Modern data architecture, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Amazon SageMaker, LLM (Large Language Models).


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