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An Advanced Image Encryption Method Based on Fuzzy Transform in Two Variables and Edge Detection

- Pankaj Sambyal, Vivek Sambyal


A Simple Taxonomy of Multilayer Networks

- Andrey A. Shchurov, Radek Ma?ík


ID-Based Directed Multi Proxy Chameleon Signature Scheme with Bilinear Pairing

- Tejeshwari Thakurh


The State of the Art on Educational Data Mining in Higher Education

- Mohamed Osman Hegazi, Mazahir Abdelrhman Abugroon


A survey of Commit Protocols in Distributed Real Time database systems

- Fadia A. Elbagir, Ahmed Khalid, Khalid Khanfar


Smartphone-based 3D Orientation Estimation for Virtually any Published PC Game

-Anas Fattouh


Mining Software Quality from Software Reviews: Research Trends and Open Issues

- Issa Atoum, Ahmed Otoom