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Automated Railway Gate Controlling System

- Saifuddin Mahmud, Ishtiaq Reza Emon, Md. Mohaimin Billah


Distance complexity analysis of DNA Nucleotide Sequence with Normal and Cancer Liver Cells Using Data Mining Techniques

- M. Mayilvaganan, R.Rajamani


Estimation of Distance complexity in amino acids between Normal and Cancer Liver Cells using Data Mining Techniques

- M. Mayilvaganan, R.Rajamani


Secure Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Perspective of Authentication

- Etuk, Enobong E., S. Magesh


The Comparison of Gini and Twoing Algorithms in Terms of Predictive Ability and Misclassification Cost in Data Mining: An Empirical Study

- Murat Kayri, ?smail Kayri


Customizing the Methodology of Expanding RUP Software for Safety-Critical Systems

- Mina Zaminkar


Sum Aggregation of Time – Series Data with new Preserving System

- T.Manasa


A Survey on Quality of Service in Cloud Computing

- Helen Anderson Akpan, B.RebeccaJeya Vadhanam


DDoS Deflate and APF (Advanced Policy Firewall):A Report

- Dr.S.Brilly Sangeetha


Classification of Hyper spectral Image Using Support Vector Machine and Marker-Controlled Watershed

- Murinto, Nur Rochmah DPA


Soft Computing based Medical Image Mining: A Survey

- Amjad Khan, Zahid Ansari


Literature Survey for the Comparative Study of Various High Performance Computing Techniques

- Zahid Ansari, Asif Afzal, Moomin Muhiuddeen, Sudarshan Nayak


3D Graph Drawings: Good Viewing for an Occluded Edges

- Tariq O. Fadl Elsid, Samani A. Talab


Improving Efficiency of Apriori Algorithm

- Ch.Bhavani, P.Madhavi


A Decision Support System using ANFIS to Determine the Major of Prospective Students in A Vocational School of Indonesia

- Andri Pranolo, Faiz In’ammurrohman, Yana Hendriana , Dewi Octaviani


Quad-Tree Based Multiple Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Gene Expression Data

- E. Monica Sushil Cynthia, S. Kannan


Development of an Electronic Attendance Biometric Registration System

- Falohun A.S., Oke A.O., Gbadamosi O.A.


Implementation of Levenshtein Distance Algorithm for ECommerce of Bravoisitees Distro

- Rusydi Umar, Yana Hendriana, Eko Budiyono


Assistance Monitoring System Module for Local Government Unit

- Josephine R. Bayonito, Melanie M. Orbeso