Sales of Medical Devices – SAP Supply Chain

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Volume-70 Issue-9
Year of Publication : 2022
Authors : Pradeep Verma

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Pradeep Verma, "Sales of Medical Devices – SAP Supply Chain," International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, vol. 70, no. 9, pp. 6-12, 2022. Crossref, 10.14445/22312803/IJCTT-V70I9P102

Medical devices sale are controlled by different authorities (FDA, EU-MDR, NMPA, CDSCO) worldwide, and every country has different rules to control it. These rules are very stringent. If not followed as stated, there are hefty fines and loss of business, which may damage the company`s image in that country. Thus, the sales of medical devices must be managed using an automated solution. SAP is the best product for providing an integrated solution to control the medical device supply chain.

Medical Devices, Supply Chain, IT, Product Registration, Business License, Sales Order, Delivery, SAP, ECC, GTS.


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