Design and Development of Robust and Secure Cluster Routing Algorithm for Manet Based IOT

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Volume-69 Issue-8
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Revathi B, Arulanandam K
DOI :  10.14445/22312803/IJCTT-V69I8P104

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Revathi B, Arulanandam K, "Design and Development of Robust and Secure Cluster Routing Algorithm for Manet Based IOT," International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 15-19, 2021. Crossref,

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of technology for intelligent communication between resources. IoT enables digital interaction between the physical stuff using communication and heterogeneous networks. IoT is the common platform for various sensor devices for emitting data. IoT is the most economical and successful technology for collecting and sharing physical devices in modern days. Mobile ad - hoc network (MANET) with IoT is the technological phenomenon for communicating worldwide frameworks through the internet. This advanced combination facilities communication with greater mobility and minimum costs.But achieving energy efficiency is still an open challenge in the networking environment. In this paper, we proposed MIOTCR (MANET-IOT Clustering Routing Algorithm) for achieving energy-efficient utilization. To prove the efficiency of the proposed system, comparison work is carried with MANET-WSN [11]. The obtained result shows the performance dominance of the proposed MIOTCR in terms of energy consumption and packet delivery ratio than the MANET-WSN.

IOT, MANET, Cluster & Energy-efficient routing.


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