A Performance Evaluation of E-Learning Model over Wireless Network using Opnet

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Volume-67 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Waddah Munassar, Gamal Yaslam, Samah Taha
DOI :  10.14445/22312803/IJCTT-V67I4P120


MLA Style:Waddah Munassar, Gamal Yaslam, Samah Taha "A Performance Evaluation of E-Learning Model over Wireless Network using Opnet" International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology 67.4 (2019): 91-100.

APA Style:Waddah Munassar, Gamal Yaslam, Samah Taha (2019). A Performance Evaluation of E-Learning Model over Wireless Network using Opnet. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, 67(4), 91-100.

Today, e-learning mainly takes the form of online courses, e-learning is revolutionizing the education sector. Education not only a kind of learning, but practices in education, teaching, design and research "can be defined as the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate and enhance learning and teaching" . In this paper, Performance Evaluation Of E-Learning Model has been presented using an advanced network simulator, OPNET MODELER 14.5 simulation tool, then we used technology Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) and IEEE802.11b protocol applied in E-learning classroom. Here performance optimization has been shown via a series of simulation tests with parameters such as Data rate and the physical characteristics. The simulation results show that an IEEE 802.11b WLAN can support up to 100 clients with modest E-learning and Web browsing activities. Also in this paper we implemented different types of Multimedia Application with respect to the quality of service(QoS)parameters, such as network load, throughput and media access delay. Then the results are compiled toimproved andanalysis the performance of wireless local area networks.

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E-learning,WLAN, Access Points(AP), IEEE802.11b, OPNETMODELER14.5,QoS.