Contour-based Target Detection in Real-time Videos

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT)          
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Volume-4 Issue-8                           
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors :Jose Anand, K. Sivachandar, M. Mohamed Yaseen


Jose Anand, K. Sivachandar, M. Mohamed Yaseen "Contour-based Target Detection in Real-time Videos"International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT),V4(8):2615-2618 August Issue 2013 .ISSN Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Abstract:- Moving object target detection has a significant interest in image analysis. Frames are extracted from the real-time video, and from this image the required target is detected. This paper presents a contour-based object tracking using the spatial information. The image is applied for multiple segmentations to partition the image into simpler segments. Then automatic identification is done using the contour information on the image with a target object template available in the database. The similarities are updated with spatial relationships and target is detected. Result shows the effectiveness of the contour-based target detection model.



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Keywords : — contour information, multiple segmentation, spatial information, target detection