A Survey of Spelling Error Detection and Correction Techniques

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT)          
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Volume-4 Issue-3                           
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors :Ritika Mishra, Navjot Kaur


Ritika Mishra, Navjot Kaur "A Survey of Spelling Error Detection and Correction Techniques "International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT),V4(3):372-374 Issue 2013 .ISSN 2231-2803.www.ijcttjournal.org. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Abstract: -Spelling Correction is a process of detecting and sometimes providing suggestions for incorrectly spelled words in a text. Spell Checker is an application program that flags words in a document that may not be spelled correctly. Spell Checker may be stand-alone capable of operating on a block a text such as word processor, electronic dictionary. When some text is given as an input to spell checker, it list outs the incorrect words separately by checking their availability in the dictionary. Finally it provides the suggestions for the incorrect words from the dictionary. This survey paper covers almost all the spelling correction techniques.


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Keywords— Spell Checker, NLP, Error detection techniques, Error correction techniques.