Volume-68 Issue-11 Number-1 November2020

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

An Android Based System for Reporting Coronavirus Outbreak in Educational Institutions using Social Media Services

- W.K.ElSaid


Mobile ERP: Implementation and Sustainment Strategies

- Jigar K Patel


Pluvial Flood Detection And Prediction Methods

- Idowu, S.A, Adekunle, Y.A, Ayankoya, F.Y, Oladapo K.A


Scalable multiple representation and dynamic classification by multiple specialization of objects in OO-Prolog

- Macaire Ngomo


Machine Learning (ML) In a 5G Standalone (SA) Self Organizing Network (SON)

- Srinivasan Sridharan


Mobile Banking - Security Risks And Security Preventions

- Cordelıa Jemıma G.Y, Dr.V.Kavıtha


A Hybrid Approach For Fault Tolerance In Datagrid

- Senhadji sarra, MEGAIZ Samia, SADOK Riad Mustapha


Compressed Representation of Color Information for Converting 2D Images Into 3D Models

- Poorna Banerjee Dasgupta


Hybrid Combination of Error Back Propagation and Genetic Algorithm for Text Document Clustering

- Ashwani Mathur


An Effective Approach to Contact Tracing Applications for Covid-19

- Aprajita Jain, Piyush Pokharkar, Pranav Ghadge, Aman Agarwal, Trupti Baraskar


Core System Modernization

- Akshay Heroor


A Study on QoS and Security techniques of 4G Wireless Network

- Amrutha K S, Gripsy Paul


A Survey on DDoS Attack Detection Methods Employing Intelligent Techniques

- Vinayak P R, Gripsy Paul