Volume-67 Issue-6 Number-1 June 2019

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Internal and External Analysis Considering the Layers of Three-dimensional Shapes Using CUDA

- Satoshi Kodama, Yuka Ozeki, Rei Nakagawa


CybercrimeAwareness among Students at a Teacher Training College

- Moanes H. Tibi , Kholod Hadeje , Bashier Watted


Factors Analysisof the Adoption of Cloud Computing in England

- Raja Muhammad Ubaid Ullah, Dr.Kevan A. Buckley,Dr. Mary Garvey, Dr. Jun Li


Mobile GPS based Traffic Anomaly Detection System for Vehicular Network

- Farrukh Arslan, Bilal Wajid, Haroon Shafique


Distance Matters: How Employee Geographical Dispersion Affects the Dissemination of Time-Sensitive Data in Virtual Teams

- Dr. Jerry Wood


 A Review of EEG Emotion Recognition

- Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah, Lars Rune Christensen


Aerial Reconnaisance For Municipal Services Using Gis & Gps Based Target Tracking System

- Dr.N.Muthusamy, Er.A.Shanmuganathan, Ajay Sudharsan L


Microcontroller Based Servo Motor Control System

- Phyu Phyu Shein, Tin Tin Nwet, Kyi Kyi Khaing


Feature Selection to Reduce Dimensionality of Heart Disease Dataset Without Compromising Accuracy

- Shiwani Gupta, R. R. Sedamkar


A Review on Multiple Objects Tracking in a Video Scene with Particle Filtering Techniques

- Prodip Kumar Sarker, Dr. Sumon Kumar Debnath, Md. Jamal Uddin


 Agile Cultural Shift and Mindset

- Vinay Kommera


 Detection And Reduction Of Impulse Noise Using Fuzzy Technique

- Shilpa Sanu Routray, Sigma Nayak, Utpal Chandra De


 Pre-production Support for Agriculture through Information Exchange

- Gayathri R S, Prof. Mangala C N


 A Scalable Feature Extraction Technique to enhance Multivariable Linear Regression Model for Empirically Derived Patterns-Cereals

- S.HimaVarsha, D.Rajeswara Rao


 Secure HDFS Using OAuth 2.0

- Ms. Anuja S. Paval, Prof. Amol S. Dange


 Cloud Computing Adoption in Enterprise: Challenges and Benefits

- Raja Muhammad Ubaid Ullah, Dr.Kevan A. Buckley,Dr. Mary Garvey, Dr. Jun Li


Development of a Cryptographically Secure Booking Reference System for Air Travels

- Orimoloye Segun Michael


Predicting Demographic User Using Social Network Site

- Dr Kamaljit Kaur , Ripanjit kaur


Avoid Delay of Packets and Improve the Behavior of Switch/Router under Self-Similar-Type Variable Input Traffic

- Anand Dohare, B.Mallikarjuna, Tulika, D. Arun Kumar Reddy , Mohd.Shahjad, D. Mallikarjuna Reddy


A Review on Domain Based Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

- Nobel Jacob Varghese , Dr. Cini Kurian


A Review on Green Wireless Sensor Network Technology And Big Data Analytics Towards Iot

- Krishna Chaitanya Sanagavarapu