IJCTT - Volume 35 - No 1 May 2016

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
  Queue Control Model in a Clustered Computer Network using M/M/m Approach
- Ejem A., Njoku C. N., Uzoh O. F., Odii J. N.
  The Code Sanitizer: Regular Expression Based Prevention of Content Injection Attacks
- Sandeep D Sukhdeve, Prof.(Mrs) Hemlata Channe
  Review on Meta Classification Algorithms using WEKA
- Rausheen Bal, Sangeeta Sharma
  GUARDIA- A One Stop Safety Solution
- Shilpa Khedkar, Kiran Chandrasekaran, Tauseef Malik, Manish Poduval
  Implementation of Multiagent Learning Algorithms for Improved Decision Making
- Deepak A. Vidhate, Dr. Parag Kulkarni
  Control Statement in C Language
- Suresh Kumar, R.B.S. Yadav
  Artificial Intelligence Enabled Detection in Bio Medics
- Dr. S.Masood Ahamed
  Reachability in Telemedicine: Concepts, Design and Engineering
- C. P. E. Agbachi, V. Yemi-Peters
  GSM Based Automatic Monitoring System for Efficient Power Management
- R. Rubananth, Saravanan Selvaraj
  Spread of Malware within an E-Commerce Network with Quarantine: A Dynamic Model
- Biswarup Samanta, Samir Kumar Pandey
  License Number Plate Recognition using Template Matching
- Nighat Naaz Ansari, Ajay Kumar Singh
  Performance Analysis of AES and DES Cryptographic Algorithms on Windows & Ubuntu using Java
- Shraddha Dadhich
  Study and reviews of smart city based tourism mobile app
- Kanak Divya
  Mobile Health Technology Program And Its Cost Effectiveness In Improving Health Service Delivery In Nigeria: A Study Of Dutse Local Government Jigawa, Nigeria
- Nasiru Sani, Haruna Isa Hussain, Suleiman Hussaini