IJCTT - Volume 49 - No 4 July 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
31. Review of online shopping security protocol of EC: SSL and SET

- Vishakha Prabhakar Rode

32. Challenges and Prosperity Research in Cloud Computing

- Niharika Singh, Ajay Jangra

33. Designing Nanotechnology Based QCA Full Adders

- Wani Shah Jahan

34. Genetic Algorithm Approach For Test Case Generation Randomly: A Review

- Deepak kumar, Manu Phogat

35. The Technologies of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Based Telephony System: A Review

- Odii J. N., Nwokoma F.O., Onwuama T.U., Ejem A

36. Vehicle Assisted Data Delivery using Ant Colony Optimization

- Ishwarpreet Kaur Grewal, Dr. Sandeep Harit

37. Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of Six - DOF Industrial Robot

- Linna Xu, Zhenhua Wang, Yameng Zhai

38. Bounds for the Zeros of a Lacunary Polynomial

- M.H. Gulzar, Ajaz Wani

39. An Approach for Detecting and Preventing SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting Attacks using Query sanitization with regular expression

- Monali Sachin Kawalkar, Dr. P. K. Butey

40. Cloud Computing – Key Hashing Cryptographic Implication based Algorithm for Service Provider based Encryption and Decryption

- D. Ramesh, Dr. B, Rama