IJCTT - Volume 28 - No 5 October 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
41. KSEB Billing Process Automation
- Cyril David, Mohammed Illyas M A, Sanjay P S, Revathy Gangaderen M
42. A Survey Report on use of Web Recommendation Techniques to Provide the Personalized Query Recommendation Tool
- Sujata A. Pardeshi, Suresh K. Shirgave
43. Cloud query Based allocation system in the Dynamic environment of Log Based Personalized Web Mining
- Mr. Rajeshwar rao kodipaka, Mr. Sanjeeva Polepaka, Mr.M.Amarendhar Reddy
44. An Efficient Approach for Data Mining with Compressed Data
- Mr.Vaibhav Kumar Sharma, Mr.Anil Gupta, Mr. B.L. Pal
45. Enhanced Approach for Keyword Query Routing
- V.Ganga Devi, A.V.S.N Bhushana Rao
46. Effective Technique for Automatic Generation of Domain Module from E-Textbook
- E. Roja Rani, M. Sreenivas Reddy