IJCTT - Volume 18 - No 3 Dec 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
21. Finding the Destination of Moving-Object in Wireless Sensor Network
- Sayana Ramesh , G. Devi , Abdul Vahed
22. Geographical Position Updating Approach in Mobile Wireless Networks
- B. Revathi Devi , K.Govardhan Babu , Abdul Vahed
23. Implementing Confidential Information Brokering in Circulated Content Sharing
- M. Vineetha , V. Ganesh Dutt , Abdul Vahed
24. Image Retrieval Process from Online Server with Markov-Chain Query Processing
- K Sireesha , Abdul Vahed
25. Excellent surveillance for Multi-channel Wireless Communication Networks
- CH Radhika , K. Govardhan Babu , Abdul Vahed
26. A Revolutionary Profit Maximization Technique for Cloud Computing with Arranging Peak Multi Servers
- M. Rama Krishna , G. Balaraju , Abdul Vahed
27. Privacy Perspectives of Record based approach in social networks
- B Vijay Krishna , B.S. Murthy , Abdul Vahed
28. Requirements, Trade-offs and Design for Safe Encounter Based Mobile Social Network 
- E Revathi , B.S.Murthy , Abdul Vahed
29. Identification of Secured Single Sign-on Approach and to find Attackers in Distributed Systems
- B.V Narayana , B.V.S. Varma , Abdul Vahed
30. Modern Framework for P2P Integrated Systems over Trust Model for Self-Organizing Nodes
- A. Sarath Chaitanya , K.Govardhan Babu , Abdul Vahed