Superlative Server for Host-To-Host Based Massive Calibration Data Processing Platform

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT)          
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Volume-26 Number-1
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : N. Maheswara Rao, S.Venkata Ramana


N. Maheswara Rao, S.Venkata Ramana "Superlative Server for Host-To-Host Based Massive Calibration Data Processing Platform". International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT) V26(1):26-31, August 2015. ISSN:2231-2803. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Abstract -
The corporate network is often used for distributing information among the participating companies and facilitating collaboration in a certain industry sector where companies distribute a common interest. It can effectively help the companies to reduce their service costs and increase the revenues. However, the inter-company data distributing and processing poses unique challenges to such a data administration system including scalability, performance, throughput, and security. In this paper, we present Superlative Host, a system which delivers elastic data sharing services for corporate network applications in the cloud based on Superlative server a host-to-host (H2H) based data management platform. By integrating cloud computing, database, and H2H technologies into one system, Superlative Host provides an economical, flexible platform for collaborative network applications and delivers data sharing services to participants based on the widely accepted pay-asyou- go business model. We evaluate Superlative Host on Amazon EC2 Cloud platform. The benchmarking results show that Superlative Host outperforms Hadoop DB, a recently proposed large-scale data processing system, in performance when both systems are engaged to handle typical corporate network workloads. The benchmarking results also demonstrate that Superlative Host achieves near linear scalability for throughput with respect to the number of peer nodes.

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Scalability, Performance, Throughput, Security, Collaboration, Benchmarking.